Koreman, since 1935

Founder of the company is Laurent Koreman.

The son of a horse merchant, his sense of “the trade” developed early on. In 1935, he began retreading truck tires in Valkenburg. Soon the supply and fitting of passenger car tires were added, which formed the basis for the present company. Trade in, assembly and repair of conveyor belts and supply of related belt conveyors and parts for them were also added to ‘s supply program.

Laurent Koreman passed on his commercial spirit and vision to his son Leo, the second generation.

It added the sites at “Beatrixhaven” and also began buying and selling used and new materials, mainly intended for the sand and gravel industry.

Léon Koreman, the third generation!

Together with his son Léon Koreman, the company expanded to include the representations of renowned manufacturers of crushers, crusher components, screening machines, screening decks, conveyors and recycling plants, among others. Koreman currently supplies its products worldwide.

Jamie-Lee Koreman, the fourth generation!

The love of horses has passed several generations, but the sense of commerce is in the Koreman family’s blood. Since 2021, Léon’s daughter has also entered the business at the age of twenty-three.