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Electric Motors:
All types from 0.55 – 900 KW supplied in foot B3 or Flange B5/B14 produced according to ISO 9001, IEC, DIN, VDE regulations.

Drum motors:
All sizes from diameter 60. Optionally equipped with rubber lining, return brake. Dust and waterproof produced according to IEC standard.

All types for bunkers, silo and transport chutes.

Motor Gears:
All types such as worm, gear, bevel, Coaxial, combined gear/worm, and planetary gears.

Gear boxes:
Axial boxes, right-angle boxes, flush-mount boxes and heavy duty boxes. The worm gearboxes can be supplied in various designs also with gear front stages.

Frequency controls and switchgear.

Slewing ring bearings, cardan shafts, brakes, clutches, pull switches, rosta elements, clamping bushings, tooth, belt and chain transmissions

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